A Blackwater contractor shot and killed a dog belonging to the New York Times. Oh no you heard that right. Of course, upon reading the story it seems that, amazingly enough, it wasn't just some case of abject cruelty perpetrated by some war-dehumanized monster emboldened by the guaranteed impunity made possible by the law vacuum that is mercenary-occupied Iraq! See, the dog was getting the Blackwater bomb-sniffing dogs all riled up while they were out on a sweep for explosives, and the sweep had to continue, and the Blackwater dude tried to get the Times dog to back off but it wouldn't. "It wasn't a dog everyone was close to on the compound," said Times correspondent Alissa Rubin, who says of the State Department, which made two follow-up visits to investigate the shooting. "They were very solicitous and I thought took the incident very seriously." How novel for them!

We were worried those military contractors in Iraq had maybe lost every last shred of their humanity. We were worried there was complete lawlessness. That the State Department had pretty much thrown up its hands at the whole place and left all its investigations of military contractor behavior to be led by a bunch of worthless perverts.

But no. Once again, it's clear they care about something, and that something may not be women, it may not be Iraqi civilians, but it is man's best friend.


And I guess that is something.

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