In Australia, The Perfect Woman Is Cold-Hearted & Knows How To Clean

Apparently, selling spirits in the Southern hemisphere is as easy as imagining the "perfect girlfriend". An Aussie TV ad for a bourbon brand — which can also be viewed here, features a (possibly) Eastern-European woman sitting around in her underwear and saying things like, "I like guys who watch a lot of football... I know they sometimes go to the striptease, but it's okay. I'm not jealous. He can do whatever he wants, I mean, I don't care!" Is this what guys want? Someone who doesn't care? It's hard to decide if the commercial is offensive or just stupid. And is it offensive to women, to men, or both? Meanwhile, a new TV show in Australia called Perfect Housewife turns "woeful wives" into "champions of chores." A British host helps "lovely young mums" turn their pigsties into spotless homes.

What do these ideas of "perfection" tell us about what's expected of Australian women? And what do they say about Australian men? And is Australia stuck in like, the early 1950s or something?


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