In a somewhat surprise merger, Comcast is set to acquire Time Warner Cable for about $45 billion, uniting the two biggest cable companies in the U.S. When reached for comment about the merger, representatives from both companies said "someone would be by between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to explain it more." And this has been your stale, overdone joke for the day.

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I'll just copy and paste my rant from the Gawker post about my horrible experience with Comcast.

I have Comcast. There are the worst thing ever. A couple of weeks ago they had an outage. Both internet and cable were out. 24 hours later they were still not working so I called back. They said the outage was fixed but my service never came back. Three days was the earliest they could send somebody out. When the tech finally came on Monday after my service had been out since Friday, he was able to turn my service back on before even getting to my apt. They had turned off my signal. It could have been turned back on over the phone. However, the customer service people are poorly trained and in the Philippines. They can't do shit.

Here's the best part. Before my service appt. two separate people, one in customer service and one in billing told me they were going to take two weeks off my bill because I had issues the previous week too. They said to call back after my appt. to finalize it. When I di, they wouldn't give the two weeks off I was promised. I asked to speak to a manager and she refused to give me more than a week off my bill. Her exact words were "we don't give credits for inconvenience." I was just outright lied to.

Fuck Comcast. Fuck them with a giant spiked dildo. Good luck TWC customers. You are about to enter the hell I've been inhabiting.