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In a more depressing sign of the impending economic collapse than the loss of 600 Starbucks, The Smoking Gun reports that a 34-year-old Kentucky woman, Angela Eversole, has been arrested on charges of prostitution after agreeing to providing sexual services to Kenneth Nowak (also arrested) for cash and $100 gas card. At 25 miles per gallon, that's just enough gas to get her to D.C. from Louisville, where she can either lobby for lower gas prices or the legalization of prostitution...her choice! [The Smoking Gun]


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I am in Sacramento,CA and I prostituted myself to pay my house payments and provide necessities (like food and clothing) for my two teenagers.

I found it quite easy, amenable and safe (most of the time). Of course, being married, it was difficult for my husband to accept, but he never loved me anyway. I had no qualms about selling myself because I was not filled with the guilt and self-loathing many journalists and commentators ascribe to prostitutes. I have always believed that I was capable of changing my world, whether through my mind or my body. I have had extensive post-college education, many rewarding intellectual jobs, and have worked as a model. I am a member or Mensa and a Buddhist, but I CHOSE to make money that way so I could maximize my time efficaciously.