In a Final 'Fuck You' to Abby Lee Miller, Chloe Will Return to Dance Moms

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Things have really come apart over the past couple years for Abby Lee Miller. Not only will she soon begin a one-year prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud, but her child enemy Chloe Lukasiak—the little girl Miller regularly bullied to tears—has officially announced her triumphant return to Dance Moms in the same trailer that shows Miller saying her final goodbyes.

Video via People.

In an interview with Seventeen, Lukasiak said she was nervous but excited to return to the Lifetime series:

S: Were you nervous about going back on the show?

CL: I was a little nervous. There were a lot of reasons why my mom and I left and I hadn’t really left the show on good terms. It was a little weird, but I was also really exicted. I got to see my friends and be on my team again and it was really crazy. I was backstage at a competition at one point and I was like, “I can’t believe I’m back again.”


She adds that she hasn’t seen or spoken to Miller, but has only nice things to say about their new coach, Dancing with the Stars’ Cheryl Burke.

Miller, meanwhile, is rumored to be reporting to prison on June 30. Her sentence—which will be served at a yet-to-be determined location, per her reps—is one year and one day. It’s unlikely that she’ll return to Dance Moms following her release as her relationship with the producers has gradually soured. Miller publicly quit Dance Moms in an Instagram post in March, though—because she’s about to serve time—I’m not really sure Lifetime needed her to quit:

Congratulations to Chloe. Please consider taking down Jill the demogorgon next.

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