Immortalize Is Like 'Project Runway for Taxidermy'

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Here's a show where people take dead animal carcasses and turn them into jaunty hats. In contest form! Just like you were asking for! Finally! I honestly love seeing the nuts and bolts of how people do their jobs—particularly people who are genuinely good at stuff—so I am not tired at all of the current TV trend of turning every single vocation into a Project Runway spinoff. And taxidermists don't, like, torture and murder baby lambs for pleasure, right? They just immortalize dead ones? I'm cool with that.


Anyway, I'd heard talk here and there about this Immortalize show, but hadn't given it much thought. After watching this video, though—of expert taxidermist Beth Beverly describing her art—I'm on board:

AMC's new reality show Immortalized certainly has an intriguing premise. On the surface one might thing "Oh, it's Project Runway for taxidermy," which, I suggest, is already a pretty compelling pitch. But the structure of the show is actually pretty different. Beth Beverly isn't a contestant, she's actually one of four regular expert taxidermists on the show who will be competing against upstart contestants. AMC was kind enough to offer this exclusive character video explaining what her art is all about!


FYI, "what her art is all about" is mostly gluing a diamond to a squirrel and making a fascinator out of it. I am PRO.


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The best Project Runway imitator show is Face Off on SyFy. It is so good and fascinating to watch.