Imagine If Someone Would Ask Jenny McCarthy If She's Been Vaccinated

Notorious anti-vaxxer (or, as she has put it, “pro-safe-vaccine-schedule”... person) Jenny McCarthy appeared this week on The Drew Barrymore Show. A simple question Barrymore could have asked, a common one in this day and age, is, “Have you been vaccinated?” She could have sold it innocently! I would have loved that. Barrymore, though, did not—she doesn’t like “hot topics” but “warm” ones, and aspires to a tonal “pretty little middle” that doesn’t risk offending anyone. I mean, I’d argue that herd immunity is the prettiest little middle I could imagine, but I guess that’s why Barrymore is the one with the talk show and I’m just here writing about it. Barrymore did ask McCarthy about her Masked Singer process. Apparently, McCarthy is “good” at guessing the performers on the show? Her answer did not include, “Well I look the notes the producers give me and just kind of sell them.”


Elsewhere, Barrymore announced her forthcoming cookbook, a collaboration with frequent TDBS guest Pilar Valdes (who does not appear on the book’s cover). Barrymore also ate rice straight from a ladle and brought back her patented scream. (She seems to have a master list of quirks from which she is allowed to choose one or two to exhibit a week, so they rotate in and out.) Do not miss the clip of Oprah Winfrey talking about Jamie Foxx spitting his gum into her hand at her demand during the 2005 Oscars ceremony.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.



Nah, we know her answer, the audience knows her answer, and Drew is not qualified to properly refute whatever bullshit she would have spewed. The woman feels no shame and it would have just provided a platform for whatever conspiracy theory about COVID vaccines she decided to latch on to (if I had to guess, either the infertility one or the changes-your-genes one).  We need to not knowingly give platforms to people who mischaracterize, scare-monger, and downright lie about the vaccines.