Step Up: All In Is Coming For You

If we weren't all in before, Hollywood is forcing us to be all in now, via the latest movie in the Step Up franchise, Step Up: All In. While the IMDB page for the movie declares that the "Plot [is] unknown," the trailer indicates that yes, there will be dancing.

This will be the fifth Step Up movie, a franchise that started with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan. That movie cemented both a real-life relationship for the pair and a real-life saga for the world; the films that followed would be most brilliantly titled Step Up 2: The Streets, Step Up 3D and Step Up Revolution (previously known as both Step Up 4: Miami Heat Step Up 4Ever).

Please use this as an opportunity to do as I have done today and spend time debating and ranking your favorite Step Up dances. It's a difficult task, but I'll go first:

  1. Any of Moose's random dances alone
  2. Step Up group dance at the club where Mario is DJing and that girl he's not-so-secretly in love with is singing
  3. Step Up 2: The Streets last dance in the rain

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I'm with you on all of Moose's little random dances. I like the first one the best, though, I think.

I sorta love the "Everything I Can't Have" one from the second movie, at the backyard barbecue. But maybe it's just the way the dresses move:

And thank you for drawing my attention to the fact that I really need to see #s 3&4 again. Repeatedly.