I can’t say that I’ve thought about Brandy Norwood that much in the 14 years since that Making the Video episode for “What About Us,” but there are some people on this planet who are doing so constantly. One such Bran-diehard is Tyren Redd, a photographer responsible for an impeccably crafted Barbie made in Norwood’s image.

Barbie Brandy’s hair and outfits are so perfectly styled that it’s easy to forget you’re looking at a plastic doll with no life behind her eyes—and though I can’t for the life of me figure out what would cause Redd to put such painstaking work into Instagram account dedicated to recreating Norwood’s iconic looks in miniature, I’m enjoying the final product.

Here’s Barbie Brandy holding a tiny Barbie phone that displays TMZ’s actual coverage of it:

Here’s Barbie Brandy walking down the street on her way to Barbie Ray J’s house:


Here’s Barbie Brandy showing off her Barbie Braids:

And here’s Barbie Brandy in a convenience store trying to decide whether she wants Barbie Voss, Barbie SmartWater, or maybe something with a little Barbie high fructose corn syrup:


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Images via Instagram.