"I'm Trying To Get To An Endpoint. That's What All Of Us Are Trying To Do."

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  • That's actually a Barack Obama quote, but he speaks for David Petraeus's friend Angelina Jolie too, who spent the day in DC talking about the importance of education in the Iraq so as the children have the audacity to hope and not just the audacity to engage in sectarian violence. [Reuters]
  • Elsewhere in Washington, Gen. Petraeus got to meet all the U.S. Senators. Hillary appeared more disdainful, yet less confrontational than in previous hearings, while Obama was better prepared than before and McCain said something truly idiotic. In other McCain news, here is some news that will absolutely shock you. [Wash Post]
  • Elsewhere in Angelina land, something involving Mariane Pearl. [People]
  • Castration for sex offenders; from the state that brought you the drive-through Daiquiri.[NOLA]
  • The creepiest story to emerge from the Olympic protests so far. [Daily Mail]
  • Speaking of, the Golden Gate scalers...kinda make a lot of Olympic events seem somehow less exciting. Wait, is that the goal here? Civil Disobedience D'Soleil? Bjork would approve. [Mercury News]
  • The IMF is telling people the economic crisis is more than just a run on the bank. It has deep underlying causes, such as banks being reckless about handing out money because they know if anything happens they're insured against that whole "run on the bank" thing. [IHT]
  • You know? It is one thing to have to move out of your small town because all the factories have shut down but it's a whole other bummer to have to move out because the mayor is evacuating everyone forever because the government has been exposing everyone to toxic waste for several decades. [Breitbart]
  • 400 children were removed from that crazy polygamist cult's Texas ranch and some documents were released and I will read them after I have a few drinks, not that that going to solve anything but...it sort of will. [Wash Post]

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