Here's the Comic-Con Catching Fire Trailer You Ordered, Extra Haymitch

It's been a while since we've had a peek at the sequel to last year's mega-blockbuster Hunger Games adaptation, but Comic-Con unleashed a brand-new trailer for Catching Fire that will probably just make you super-antsy. If you thought the first film installment of Suzanne Collins's YA dystopia saga was a little underwhelming, i.e. that it looked like a SyFy mini-series cobbled together one fine afternoon from unused Twilight werewolf CGI and MaCaulay Culkin's tragicomic bee death in My Girl, then this trailer will probably encourage you to give the series another chance. If you loved the first movie, congratulations! Your life is one big pile of fulfilled expectations.

via Groupthink

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I'm SO excited for this! Catching Fire was actually my favourite of the three books. Jennifer Lawrence absolutely blew me away last time. The Capitol looks INCREDIBLE, which I'm happy about because I don't think the full spectacle came across nearly as well in the last film (hopefully they'll get rid of the shakycam in the fight scenes, it made me nauseous). And wowza, that Mockingbird dress! Of course, Effie looks fabulous, as always.

I'm also excited to see how Sam Claflin does. A lot of people seem to have totally written him off because they're annoyed with the casting, but I think he looks pretty good (he was great in The Pillars of the Earth). The casting has been amazing generally - I think Donald Sutherland is brilliant, and Liam Helmsworth looks far less boringly broody this time around!

I wish the police didn't look SO much like Stormtroopers. Also... did anyone else think that the Victor's Village looked like the gates of Auschwitz?! Creepy.