'I'm Shmacked' Kicks Its Rape Threat-Making Cofounder to the Curb

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Some of you may recall the tragic tale of the tantrum of Arya Toufanian, the college party mogul who mere months ago acted foolish to a degree that should embarrass other people his age. Well, apparently his douchebaggery was too much for a site that glorifies the sort of college partying that would be grimly called a "riot" by Fox News if black people were doing it. He's been sacked. Or, uh, shmacked.


According to a Facebook update posted yesterday by his business partner Yofray Ray, Toufanian has been removed from his position. He didn't elaborate about what the straw was that broke the camel's back, but it must have been goooood.

My name is Yofray Ray and I am the face of I'm Shmacked. There have been many incidences that have happened with my brand due to Arya Toufanian. I wan't to publicly apologize for anything that has happened as it was out of my hands. I wan't to make it very clear that Arya Toufanian has been removed from the company. Please do not have any contact with him about of any type business regarding, I'm Shmacked. Unfortunately this is the way things have to be. As I love the I'm Shmacked brand and refuse to let my Ex-Partner ruin the brand name for a company we all love so much. We are all looking forward to moving in a positive direction and cleaning our image. ‪#‎ImShmackedIsBack‬

Business Insider recently wrote that the company — valued at $5 million — promotes "the worst parts of college partying." Following the publication of that piece, I'm Shmacked posted a gloating screenshot to Instagram, arguing that they were not the worst. In fact, they were the best.

What wit. What utter wit. Can't wait to see what the classier half of I'm Shmacked comes up with next.

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