I'm on Weight Watchers right now, but when I went to the bodega today to get cigarettes and saw that there was a new Doritos flavor I haven't yet tried, I decided to throw caution to the wind and use up 14 of my 21 points on a 99¢ bag. It's part of their "Collisions" series, which means there are two flavors in one bag. This one is Pizza Cravers/Ranch. So, was it worth it? Kinda. I liked them, but then again, I've only ever tasted one flavor of Doritos that I didn't like (Fiery Habanero). It doesn't come close to my favorite (Blazin' Buffalo Ranch), but it still felt like home.


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oh man, I love Fiery Habenaro. They were perfectly spicy. My second favorite is Blazin Buffalo Ranch.