"I'm Not Here To Make Friends" Is The Mantra Of Reality TV

Some reality shows are competition-based. Some are merely a fishbowl for eager voyeurs. Some have a cash prize. Some promise careers to their cast members, while others promise romance. But on every single reality show, one truth remains constant: Participants are not here to make friends. FourFour's Rich Juzwiak (and fellow Pot Psychologist) put together this comprehensive reel demonstrating that point.

"I'm Not Here To Make Friends": A Montage [FourFour]


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@Charlotte Corday: Dude, not just a break-up, that shit is a DIVORCE. I remember the day I found out the nuns at my Catholic school (proud agnostic since age 14 here!) wore a ring and were actually MARRIED to God (or is it Jesus?). Kind of scared the crap out of me to be honest.