"I'm Not Having Sex Right Now Either…"

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Hi guys! I miss you SOOOO much. I mean, in a sense it is good to write about some things that cannot be construed as 95 Theses on the fuckedness of my current relationship with whoever. Anyway, onward! The subject at hand is: TMI. Not casting stones of course! But what is it about the TMI expressions of some dudes? All Linda wanted was to say "hi" to an old college friend on MySpace. She mentioned some recent relationship drama — vaguely! — and he wrote back with advice (including advice that she stop talking to her therapist and just talk to him in the future!) and she stopped writing him altogether after that. But then! She was about to publish a book. So she sent him a little note with a copy of the book's cover in the name of "marketing!" And casually mentioned she was single again...

Nah, not the last person on the planet. I'm not having sex right now either. My gf has been unable for the last week to have sex — (Essentially, she's sore from the last time we had sex. I'm not small, so sometimes... well, she got a little stretched out and torn inside. Sitting has been painful. Peeing has been painful. If she hadn't enjoyed it a lot at the time, she'd probably be angry — as it is, she's half grimacing, half happy. Anyway she's just not in a hurry to have sex right now. Horny as she always is, it'd just be too painful) — and her period is about to start, and THEN she's leaving town for 2.5 weeks. So I've got a perfectly happy relationship (for the most part) and I'm not having sex either. Of course, that's what the google archives of alt.sex.stories.moderated is for, isn't it? Love the cover. Why a pig? I also am amused by the editorial decision to include half your face — why not just you from the neck down, or why not your whole face? But before you take any of these questions and start doubting whether or not you guys picked the right cover, let me repeat: I like the cover. You look good, the cover looks good. I'd buy the book. (Well, I'll buy it for my mom and/or Valerie Bertinelli and then read one of their copies when I get the chance). Lots more to say sometime when it's not over email. When you finish the book, either start tracking me down on IM and/or buy a plane ticket out to LA. But get through your book first. Good luck with that! Almost done, right? Keep up the good work! Catch you later.



Yeah, this guy just doesn't get it. She probably was expecting innocent flirty-flirty and she got back scary over-sharey. (Sorry, God of Biscuits handle up there has me channeling Eddie Izzard).

You know, I have had the same problem as "Linda." I spoke to a former lover (after 2 years of not speaking) and mentioned that I wasn't dating anyone as a way of catching up(didn't mention sex, SPECIFICALLY and CONSCIOUSLY) ...and his response was IMMEDIATELY to go into the gritty details of his sex life with his girlfriend and his masturbatory habits. It wasn't over email or I would have submitted it to CEFAD. And I'm totally getting the same sort of vibe from this dude's CEFAD.

Oh and I miss you Moe.