I'm not going to be around for the morning Crappy Hour but the big news is apparently the "subtle makeover" of Michelle Obama's image currently underway. Like everything else spurred by the (ignoble, ignorant, inane) ideological right I'm sort of out of things to say about this. Like Thomas Frank to Tom Delay today I'm left (heh) to mainly gawk, unsure where to start. With the spooky readiness to believe educated black professionals readily throw around the term "whitey"? With the bizarre and near-inexplicable way an entire movement seems able, on the basis of her blackness and some egging on from the eminently soberminded quarters of their foremost Anglo enabler, to project their own festering rage onto her, while simultaneously professing to be shockedshockedshocked โ€” and so deeply offended โ€” that anyone would deign to label the white working class "bitter"? Oh Jesus I'm going to miss my plane. [IHT]