I'm Inspired By This Mom Taunting Her Daughter With Shirtless Dude Pics

Image via Avery Leilani.
Image via Avery Leilani.

My mom is wildly gregarious and talks easily to strangers. As an adult, that still occasionally makes me uncomfortable, but as a teenager it made me cringe into a cramped ball and roll away. It is only now, with the remove of this college student’s tweet, that I can truly appreciate the value of moms who make friends wherever they go.


Twitter user Avery Leilani shared screenshots of her text convo with her mom shortly after she was dropped off for freshman orientation. Leilani’s mom sent her a selfie of herself with a foursome of shirtless hardbodies, just tossing the ball around the quad.

“I made some friends,” her mom writes. “Don’t wait up!”


Naturally, Leilani sends her mother some skull emojis because she is dead.

“Skulls? LOL,” writes mom, not understanding that she has killed her daughter with her antics. To clarify, Leilani responds, “Mom, you cougar. How in the world.”

We know how. When you become a mom, you are imbued with the power of shamelessness. That may lead to embarrassment for your offspring from time-to-time, but the rewards for you are great. We should all try to be like moms of teenagers before we actually become them. At the very least, you might get included in a very fun game of touch football.

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Listen, when you’re a parent it is your job to be as embarrassing to your kid as humanly possible. That’s just science.