Guardian reporter Oliver Laughland spent some time in Florida trying to make sense of the paranoia and zealotry of the Sunshine State. You should read the article in full, but here’s how Laughland describes Conservative Grounds, a strip club-turned-Instagrammable coffee house opened by Cliff Gephart, a local activist who describes himself on Twitter as a persecuted “conservative nationalist”:

Every section inside this place is designed for social media posting – there’s a second amendment wall filled with decommissioned firearms, a gumball machine stocked with spent ammunition (it doesn’t vend), and a coffee machine decorated with slurs against Democrats. At the back is a scaled reproduction of the Oval Office itself, complete with a replica Resolute Desk, cardboard cutouts of the President and first lady, and a Martin Luther King bust, wearing a red Trump 2020 cap.

I ask Gephart, a heavily built, stubbled 50-year-old, whether he thinks people might be offended by the latter. (Martin Luther King’s children are staunch critics of the president, and Trump declined to celebrate the life of civil rights icon John Lewis after his death in July.)

“Everything offends everybody these days,” he says.

[The Guardian]

Anyway, here’s Elizabeth Warren, steadfast in her resolution to always have an actionable if increasingly ineffective plan: