Daily Show Manages to Find the Biggest Immigration Reform Idiot Alive

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It must be nice to live in a brain that's free of any critical thought or logic. All of your personal truths could be based in feelings like fear or greed and all of your reactions could be gut reactions. You'd never have to "read reports" or "look at facts." Think about it! (You would never have to think about it!)


Of course, the danger with having that kind of brain is that you often get things horribly wrong. Just look at anti-immigration advocate Dennis Michael Lynch. Dennis is convinced allowing immigrants to come into our country puts us at risk for another 9/11, that it increased our daughters' chances of "being raped by a gang of thugs," and that all immigrants are transporting drugs and weapons.

Unfortunately for him, there's no data to back up his claims. FORTUNATELY for him, he never cared about data to begin with. No, his racism and xenophobia are based in good old fashioned panic and fear-mongering.


"What about all of the reports that say that illegals benefit the economy?" asked Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi in a delightfully mocking sit-down with Lynch.

"I don't like to read the reports," Lynch replied. "I'm not a reports guy."

Oy. Once again, thank god for The Daily Show.

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I'm actually planning on moving to the US, find a job and then bring my GF over so we can both start a new life there (the country where I live is a horrible place to be)... but reading stuff like this really bothers me.

Not that it will force me to change any of my current plans (I'm still going to see if I can make it over there in 2015), but I keep wondering what it would be like to meet someone like this while I'm there trying to find a job.

Even worse, I'm not too excited about figuring out what effect this will have on my GF if I do manage to bring her with me... she is a rather sensitive person.

I've always seen the US as a country built by immigrants and I think it would be easier to start from scratch there than anywhere else, but it still scares the crap out of me to think that I'll be alone in a foreign country with no real backup plan (other than coming back to this place I'm trying to get out of) with the possibility of being surrounded by people who are not too fond of immigrants.

Not sure how common these sorts of people (like the guy in this article) are though. I hope they are not too common.