Map: How Much People Want to Leave Their Home State

According to new Gallup polling, if you live in Illinois, Connecticut or Maryland, there's a good chance you wish you lived somewhere else: Roughly half of residents interviewed said that they'd rather live somewhere else.

On the flip side, if you live in Montana, Hawaii or Maine, you're super happy – only 23 percent of the 600 residents polled in those states between June and December of 2013 said they would move if they could. On average, 33 percent of residents across the 50 states said they wanted to leave their state.


People were also asked whether or not they were actually likely to move in the next 12 months. In this round, Illinois residents continued to express dissatisfaction with their lives: 19 percent of them said they were planning to move within the year, as did 20 percent of Nevada residents and 19 percent of Arizona residents.

Finally, Gallup asked why people who were planning to move were doing so: the biggest reason was because of work, followed by family/social life. As a former resident of Illinois, I have ask: what's wrong with your state? (Though maybe I should be asking myself that question...or look to the findings of this other recent Gallup poll about concerns with state government trustworthiness.)

Image via Gallup

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