​Iggy Azalea Is Up for More AMA's Than Any Other Artist

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The nominees for the 2014 American Music Awards were announced today, and because there's nothing more American than cultural pilfering, Iggy Azalea is up for six awards, more than any other artist this year.


The rapper from Australia who tries to rap like she grew up in the slums is nominated for New Artist of the Year and Single of the Year, both of which seem like hers for the taking because "Fancy" is a pretty spotless pop song. The one AMA category that has catastrophic world-war potential is Artist of the Year, where Iggy is in a pool with Eminem, Katy Perry, Pharrell, Luke Bryan, Imagine Dragons, Lorde, One Direction and my husband John Legend.

Oh, and Beyoncé. Iggy will have to claw that award out of Beyoncé's, Blue Ivy's and the Beygency's fingers.

The AMAs, airing Nov. 23 on ABC, aren't the Grammys, so there's no stuffy Academy deciding who wins. The fans get to vote and all the Barbs, Monsters and Azaleans are hitting refresh right now. According to Billboard:

AMA nominees are based on key fan interactions as reflected in Billboard Magazine and on Billboard.com, including album and digital singles sales, radio airplay, streaming and social activity. These measurements are tracked by Billboard and its data partners, including Nielsen Entertainment and Next Big Sound.

Voting begins today for all categories, with the exception of new artist of the year which starts Nov. 1. Fans can vote once per day at the Coca-Cola AMA voting site, AMAvote.com and they can lodge one each day via Twitter by including the nominee's name, category name and #AMAs in a tweet.

Here's something related to brighten your Monday. Iggy, who's been vocal about her disgust with the media, had a run-in with a photographer over the weekend and screamed, "I hope you get Ebola. I hope you die. You are a fucking cunt!"

While Iggy tends to come off bratty in response to the media, she has a legitimate gripe here. The guy very much antagonized her, screaming, "Maybe I have Ebola!" and "You wanted to be a celebrity! Go live in Nebraska, no paparazzi there!" Dude, go away.

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im a pretty big fan of iggy, not going to lie, so it bothers me when people say shes not genuine and compare her to the present-day nicki minaji. Does anyone remember nicki circa 2009? She was gimicky as hell, she made a shit ton of money and now wears actual fashion and not crazy wigs/eyesore outfits #neverforget