If you're toting a knock-off Kate Spade bag, watch out! Ms. Spade, who no longer designs her eponymous label, confronted some poor (um, literally?) woman whom she ran into at a benefit last week and cross-examined her about the fake Spade bag the woman was carrying. Explains Kate, "She was like, 'Oh, my God, you're Kate Spade! She said, 'Oh I didn't buy it, my husband did.' Anytime you ask someone, they say that, 'I don't know, it was a gift.'" Warns New York magazine, "You heard it here first, ladies and gentleman. If Kate Spade catches you carrying a fake handbag, she will hunt you down." Doesn't Ms. Spade have anything better to do? And honestly, aren't her bags just black nylon stitched together in the most basic of shapes? [NYMag]


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my ex boyfriend thought he bought me a real kate spade bag (don't know why because i never expressed interest in owning one) but i had to point out that a) they don't sell kate spade purses in those kiosk/cart things at the mall

b) the name on the bag was kade spade