Hey, Happy Singles Awareness Day! If you're not attached, Valentine's Day holds many possibilities, and many of them suck. You can ignore it, you can shrug it off, you can meet up with your friends and declare them the true loves of your life. Or you can be like Cindy Guidry. According to an interview in USA Today, she's 43, single, unemployed, happy, and has written a book called The Last Single Woman In America. Sometimes Guidry lies about her age — and she adds years! "I'd rather have people think I'm a really good-looking 50-year-old than tell someone I'm 32 and have them wonder what the hell I've been doing for those 32 years," she explains. In any case, she'll probably be drinking alone tonight. "I've had so many single Valentine's Days, at this point, it's just another day," she says. "Maybe I'll go to a bar with my book."

Meanwhile, over on Salon, Rebecca Traister admits that she was single on eighteen consecutive Valentine's Days. Traister says she had to endure the following comment from a friend who was devastated her man would be out of town on the holiday: "I'll know I have a boyfriend, but I'll feel so pathetic when all the women in my office are getting ready to go out for dinner and it'll look like I have nothing to do!" HA! Fuck that.

So yeah, if you're single you may feel like this day shines a giant muthaluvin' spotlight on the empty space next to you. Or you may feel like everyone else around you are blissfully idiotic sheep, bleating meaningless words as they fuel the commercialized bullshit holiday based on some early Christian martyr and seized upon by possibly murderous diamond corporations and the pesticide-rich cut flower industry. So what do you do? Do you see it as just a day to treat yourself nicely? Some cheapo sparkly jewelry, a film set in another century, [Uh, what about 'Lost'??? -Ed.] some wine, some ice cream? Or do you rage against the machine?

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