Squatter at TedCruz.com Keeps Trolling Ted Cruz

The 2016 Presidential campaign officially kicked off today with Republican rubber-face Ted Cruz announcing his candidacy for president. Trolling of the 2016 election also kicked off today, as everybody noticed somebody who very much does not like Cruz had already grabbed the domain TedCruz.com.

The Washington Post reports that you'll find the official Internet home of Cruz for President at TedCruz.org, because that's the best they could do:

It's not the best domain, obviously, but the dot-com was already taken. It was originally purchased in April 2004 and was once used for a Phoenix law firm, but today, it's being used to troll Cruz, with a message about immigration.


Of course, this doesn't matter worth a damn in the grand scheme of things; as the Post notes, "According to Quantcast, the official tedcruz.org is ranked the 2,156th biggest website in the U.S. right now, while the trolling tedcruz.com is ranked 618,938th." Doesn't mean it's not a hoot, though.

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