Sexless marriages have typically been blamed on frigid wives, since it's assumed that men want sex all the time. But it turns out that men are just as likely to stop giving it up in the sack when in a longt-erm relationship. And guess what?! Those assholes are still blaming women for their limp dicks. In their upcoming book, He's Just Not Up for It Anymore, authors (and married couple) Bob Berkowitz and Susan Yager-Berkowitz explore why men stop having sex with their partners through data they gathered from a study of 4,000 men and women experiencing this problem. The results are fucking annoying.

The following is a breakdown of the answers men gave as to why they have stopped having sex with their longterm partner:

More than half of the answers implicate the woman as being the reason that the man no longer wants to have sex. And while that's understandable to some degree, it doesn't seem like the men in the study were completely honest with the researchers, and more importantly, with themselves. If they're the ones not wanting to have sex, doesn't that mean that the problem is largely about them, and their issues, baggage, and fucked up shit?


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