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If You Weren't Depressed Before...

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Hugo Lindgren: "Who needs the GDP?...The indicator I prefer is the Hot Waitress Index: The hotter the waitresses, the weaker the economy." Because in this economy, you see, even the hot are reduced to what they can get. [New York]


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This is actually very true. During times like this, models, actresses, and the like are not getting hired as often as they might have been before the recession, nor are they getting paid as much. Waitressing is a job that rarely requires any sort of a degree, and often no experience is needed either. The more attractive you are, however, the better your tips will be, as sad as that may be.

I have actually heard similar theories about the overall physical attractiveness of Hooters waitresses in a smaller city compared to the attractiveness of Hooters waitresses in Vegas or Hollywood. Since larger cities offer numerous opportunities for beautiful women to cash in on their looks, Hooters Girls, bartenders, etc, tend to be less attractive overall when compared to the women working the same jobs in Idaho, where there are few chances for a woman to trade in on her appearance.