Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth
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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

"if you were a drug addict or alc hoholkic make you amends and dont be contrite or feel defective because your not you just got the sensitive briliant gene"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Courtney Love, folks. No really! She's gotten a tad incoherent in her old age. You may be dismayed to find upon reading her latest Myspace missive that Courtney doesn't seem to think her brilliance is shared by Madonna, or the editors at any of the major hipster magazines, of which she's currently pissed off at BlackBook and, like us, bored by Nylon — "read nylon - yep theres rilo dammed kiley- and a new bag designer jsut what the world needs!" Also, she seems concerned about her hair: is it too Michelle Pfeiffer circa Scarface? Whatever man, she has a new album coming out, and Linda Perry is sorta sometimes paying attention to it, and also she's got a tip for your inflamed brilliant-alcoholic pores:

sulferous yeast cow piss baby veal sick sick sick- but zero pores after wards- Bioloquie recherche hust say "le stinky one"

Okay, what now?

Thanks, Makeupalley, for clearing that up:

This is my first review for great products that work, but smell horrible, cost a fortune and take up a lot of time to put on (if you use the masque. I would never have found these products but for a tip with a friend with amazing, crystal clear olive skin. I have used b.r. products for five weeks, as recommended by my aesthetician, Aida Bicaj, and they are the only things that have reduced the bumpiness and/or appearance of milia on my eyelids and under eye area; adult acne (from age thirty to present time) and discoloration and broken capillaries on my left cheek; and soothed and smoothed out on my combination confused medium-olive complexion.


So anyway, here's the discussion question: if, over the course of one's life, one has come on the basis of anecdotal first-person evidence, Paul Westerberg obsession etc., to associate addictive behavior with creativity, but simultaneously, as one has fallen further prey to one's own addictive tendencies than one might have hoped, to harbor grave skepticism for that association, as, you know, it's obviously a lot of bullshit lazy writer types use as an excuse to do more drugs, how is one supposed to react to Courtney Love's INSANE blog posts? Is one like, "Ha! Too bad I'm not that 'brilliant'!!" Or just Holy mother of god did I just read that ENTIRE THING AND GOOGLE THE REFERENCES??"

Oh shit the inspartion fairy sprinkeld her glitter
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