If You Turn Off That Rihanna CD, You're Gonna Get Bitten. Literally.

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Once upon a time, a 38-year-old mom got drunk and decided to listen to Rihanna, real loud. Cool, cool. We've all been there. But when this mom's 17-year-old daughter was all, Jesus, turn it down, the mom was "nasty" and refused. Naturally, the daughter attempted to remove the Rihanna CD from the stereo system. And that's when the mom bit the daughter on the leg. When the cops arrived, and asked what had happened, the mother stated: "I bit her." Believe it or not, this mother-daughter duo were not named Edina and Saffy. The end.


[The Smoking Gun]

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I love to listen to music SUPER LOUD while I'm home alone during the day cleaning or working out, and yes, Rhianna has occasionally been involved. (She's on my "secret guilty pleasure" playlist that includes Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys, and Ke$ha) Though yesterday I was indulging in what I charitably call 'dancing' and what others would call "spastic flailing" and cracked my arm on a door frame, so that was probably the universe's way of telling me to cut that crap out.