When we filmed our 420 episode of Pot Psychology with Street Carnage's Gavin McInnes, we went all out to get in the right state of mind for the special event. Actually, we sorta went overboard. By the end of the night I puked, Rich was ready to hide in my bedroom, and Gavin had a paranoid delusion that Betty the intern thought he was gonna rape her. But in between all that, we managed to film nearly four hours of rambling nonsense that was just too good to confine to one episode, so this week's Pot Psych is part 2 of that epic night, in which we answer questions about hummers, midgets, and the dangers of senior citizens masturbating. Got a burning question? Send it to tips@jezebel.com with "Pot Psychology" in the subject line. (Please keep them short; they're verrrry hard to read when stoned.)


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