A new study shows that humble people are more likely to offer help than more arrogant types are. So if you're in a tight spot, seek out people who don't toot their own horns.

According to LiveScience, researchers found that subjects who rated themselves as humble also said they were likely to help others. To control for false humility, they also asked students how many hours per week they'd be willing to devote to helping a disabled student, then asked them to quickly choose from a list of traits which ones applied to them. Those who were willing to give the disabled student lots of their time were more likely to associate with words like "humble" and "modest" than with words like "arrogant" and "egotistical."

The study doesn't appear to have looked at how much people actually help one another, so what it really shows is that people who think they're humble also think they're helpful. That said, it stands to reason that arrogant blowhards aren't necessarily the most likely to lend a helping hand. Lead study author Jordan LaBouff says, "There are several reasons why humility might lead to more helpful behavior. One aspect of humility is relatively low self-focus, [so] humble persons may have more time, resources, and attention to direct towards peers in need." If someone's less busy polishing her own trophies, she may have more time to help you win yours. And for those of you planning to move, passing out a humility test to your friends might be a way of gauging who'll volunteer to help you schlep boxes. It just might not guarantee that those folks will show up.

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Image via AVAVA/Shutterstock.com