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If you need a good chuckle to end your day, surf on over here to check out their pictures of things cuckolded women did to their lovers' conveyances. Although we don't condone illegal acts or especially the women who did it to the "other woman" (it was your guy who had the commitment to you, not her), we do appreciate the creativity of a couple of them — including the woman who shelled out for all these pickaxes. I was trying hard to think of something retributive that I'd done to an ex, but usually I'm too busy finding the next one to break my dry spell with to bother. I'm always interested in suggestions, though. [List of the Day via Salon]


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I think my story has to be the most evil thing I ever heard of. My son was 22 and in the Marines, he wanted to be a virgin when he got married or at least be deeply in love. He took it pretty seriously too, it meant alot to him. Almost everyone he knew was aware of his virgin status. He gets a girlfriend in the Marines that he really really likes, probably in love if the truth was told. Her arch nemesis sees him out drinking with his buddies, gets him home to her house, starts fucking him and he sort of snaps out of his stupor. He jumps out of bed, and I mean right in the middle of it, runs on foot straight to the girlfriends house and confesses all. She ultimately forgave him but, holy fuck how evil was that of her enemy???? It just boggles the mind. He is still very sad to this day when he talks about how it went down.