If You Like Dogs and You Like Socks, You Will Love Dogs Who Like Socks

This song is insane but as I sit here with my 15 month old niece, who freaking loves this, it is growing on me. I love seeing spoiled, happy dogs doing their thing, and these dogs are obviously very spoiled and very happy. And they have a theme song! They've pretty much "made it".


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Can we please all share hilarious dog peculiarities?

Every dog I've ever been lucky enough to live with has had an intense love affair with socks. For much of my life, putting on a hole-free matching pair has been a rarity.

In other funny dog habit news - my family once had a dog who was obsessed with bars of soap. The first time I saw him with one I thought he had rabies because his lips were curled in a strange manner and his mouth was foaming. Turns out he was just really into carrying bars of soap in his mouth. Not chewing them, mind - just walking around looking weird with some Irish Spring. My current lovely hound is really into dancing. I can not dance without him jumping up, putting his paws around my waist and dancing with me. I now dance at every opportunity when alone in the house because he makes it so much more fun.