If You Hate Mariah Carey, Watch This. If You Love Mariah Carey, Watch This.

People either love or hate Mariah Carey for the same three reasons: 1) Her music; 2) Her girlie-ness; 3.) Her money. I think that reason #2 is why people write her off as annoying or even insignificant, which I find insulting because I think that it's bullshit to automatically devalue anything that's "girlie" — the color pink, ponies, Hello Kitty, Lisa Frank — unless it's sexualized. (Action figures, comic books, and remote-control cars aren't looked down on nearly as much.) But whether you love or hate Mariah, you should definitely watch this reel that FourFour's (and Pot Psychology's) Rich Juzwiak put together. It's an exploration of everything that's right and everything that's wrong with Mimi. Mariah Carey Is... [FourFour]


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I don't dislike her but I think she has crafted a bit of a cartoonish persona. Personally, I tend to think she's crazy like a fox.