If You Go To Work For American Apparel, Can You Really Expect Dov Charney To Wear Clothes?

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Just when you thought a day could not pass without a post on American Apparel, the best worst company in America, we get this alarming tidbit courtesy the New York Post: one of the sexual harassment cases against chronic masturbating abusive perv-with-a-heart-of-gold-lame-leggings American Apparel founder/CEO Dov Charney is going to trial. Tomorrow! Former sales manager and aggressive in-line skater Mary Nelson accuses Dov of attending a sales meeting wearing nothing but a "cock sock." Do you go to work for Dov Charney expecting him to wear clothes to meetings? Nevermind, that! The news here is that Dov Charney is so morally certain he is entitled to run his company however like a corporate embodiment of a Vice Magazine coffee table book he wants that he is eschewing the easy way out to take his case before a jury. Knowing a little bit about the case from when it was filed in 2005 — briefly, considering it's American Apparel we're talking about here, the plaintiff's story isn't that salacious — I thought I'd check back in on its progress since...

And holy itshay is it long! Just downloading the documents would probably cost ten grand. Think of the billable hours! And think of the money Dov could've saved just slipping this chick the $200K or whatever she wanted in the first place. But it isn't about the money, with American Apparel; it never was. It's about DEMOCRACY.

Check this space for our final tally on the cost of downloading the American Apparel sexual harrassment case. In fact, if you've got some free time to spare, do it yourself at the court website.


My calculator isn't strong enough for all those numbers.


Dirty Clothes "Suit" [NY Post]

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@hamburgerhotdog: I totally didn't mean that people should get another job because they are being sexually harrassed, but in this case it's different. The whole point of the company is the exploitation of women, basically. I hate that I go and buy leggings there because I'm supporting them, but it's like the whole culture of that entire company, you know? And considering how most of the half-dressed women in his ads are employees, I feel like a lot of people that work there think its funny and cool and totally on edge. I'm not saying that she shouldn't sue or whatever, but saying that people have to "put up" with it while they work there is just naive, because I don't know, what else do you expect?