If You Care About The Seinfelds, You're In Luck

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Is it time to feel bad for Jessica Seinfeld? We don't know why she was the subject of a story in yesterday's New York Times, and whether or not she cheated on her first husband with Jerry and whether or not she lied about this when it first happened eight years ago. Hiding spinach in brownies is stupid and giving Oprah Winfrey 21 pairs of Louboutins when Oprah has more money than God and the Seinfelds have almost as much money as Oprah is disgusting and gratuitous. But why is it news that when Jessica married Jerry eight years ago, she basically left her newlywed first husband (Eric Nederlander) to run away with Jerry, thus making it seem like she and Jerry had started up while she was still with Nederlander? Do you even care?

Well, if you do care, she did go on record for the Times to talk about this eight-year old story, where she basically said that "she did not leave Mr. Nederlander for the comedian. Her first marriage was irreparably broken, she said, before she met Mr. Seinfeld. She said that she and Mr. Nederlander had been having problems even before their wedding on June 13, 1998 — they were in couples therapy, she says — but she lacked the courage to leave him. Within two days of returning to New York from her honeymoon in early July, however, she began moving possessions from Mr. Nederlander's apartment to her grandmother's in Manhattan... On Aug. 7, Ms. Sklar was at the Reebok gym on the Upper West Side, wearing headphones and filling a water bottle, when she first met Mr. Seinfeld, she recalled." And yet the Times points out that "Ms. Seinfeld's account contradicts the unfolding of events as described in the news media at the time — namely, that she left her husband for the comedian — and which her own statements seemed to confirm." And they sorta get Jessica Seinfeld to 'fess up! She says to their questioning, "[W]hen columnists first asked about Jerry and me, overwhelmed and under tremendous pressure, I compounded the mistake. I denied the truth, naïvely trying to protect everyone involved, including Eric, from the pain of the break-up and from the embarrassment of public humiliation." Thanks, New York Times. We will certainly sleep better tonight now knowing about what two people say about their own marriage.

How I Met Jerry Seinfeld, Scene 1, Take 2 [NYT]

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@goodcheapfun: On Letterman, Jerry copped to stealing copies of USA Today. It may or may not have been an accident that it's the same paper which counted the duplicate recipes, but any way you look at it, Jerry told Dave that he has a propensity or compulsion to steal.