If You Can't Be A Project Runway Star, There's Always YouTube

Nothing good came out of Jack's exit on Wednesday night's Project Runway (for those who didn't see the show, the HIV-positive designer decided to leave the competition in order to tend to a serious staph infection): Not only was he funny and cute, he was seemingly the only designer on the show's fourth season who could actually make a pair of pants. For those depressed over his departure, we suggest you revive your spirits with the clip above, a video in which Jack performs a certain memorable number from Flashdance.


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Oh my God, I fucking love that guy. It was slow in the beginning, but when he ever started groovin on the subway - with people on it! - I almost clapped. I hope Jack comes back next year. I really thought he was one of the more promising designers. And a nice guy - he let everyone use his shorts as a pattern.

I guess he and Dale from Top Chef are together now. I wasn't the biggest Dale fan, but I liked him by the last episode.