If You Can Handle A Really Depressing Teen Suicide Story Right Now...

These people are Tina and Ron Meier of Dardenne Prairie, Missouri. If you hadn't heard of them yet, they used to have a daughter named Megan. Megan was thirteen, awkward and overweight, though everything had been picking up since she'd lost 25 pounds and met "Josh," a sixteen-year-old by on MySpace. Josh was hot, and friendly, and told Megan she was pretty without asking for her number or her measurements or anything sleazy like that, so Ron and Tina allowed their daughter to add him as her friend. And all was well, until right around Megan's fourteenth birthday she got a message from "Josh" saying he'd heard she was a not a good person. Then one day, Megan spent the whole day frantically alternating between posting MySpace messages and running around the house sobbing. Tina and Ron didn't know what was going on until Megan ran upstairs to her bedroom, and fifteen minutes later, Tina followed. Turned out she knew how to hang herself.

Naturally, "Josh" was a hoax profile concocted by some of Megan's "enemies." He'd been her friend only to call her a "slut" and a "bad person," etc. And oh, it gets so much more depressing: the "enemies" were neighborhood adults, the parents of a young girl with whom Megan had had a falling-out the year before. The St. Charles Journal, which brings us this story, cannot get any of the adults to explain why the fuck they would fuck with a child, but they do speak to the whistleblower, the single mom of another of Megan's classmates who had been encouraged to join in the Myspace mockery.

On the night the ambulance came for Megan, the single mother said, before it left the Meiers' house her daughter received a call. It was the woman behind the creation of the Josh Evans account. She had called to tell the girl that something had happened to Megan and advised the girl not to mention the MySpace account.


Anyway, there are no pictures of Megan, and the paper doesn't name the family responsible for all this torment, out of "respect" for their daughter, nor does it name the single mother, out of respect for her anonymity and community decorum, which on one hand is understandable but on the other hand, actually fuck that. Fuck your community, fuck any hope for cordial ties with those people, and ex-friend of Megan's, fuck your parents. One age group's peer pressure is another age group's "I don't want to be the bitch who talked to the newspaper."


That's all.

A Real Person, A Real Death [St. Charles Journal]

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