In an interview with Mother Jones, Jen Pahlka — web guru, "rock-star" in the computer-gaming world and founder of Code for America — explains how technology can fix what's broken in American cities. But she also talks about a tech-oriented future in which women will need to step up:

MJ: How do we get more women into tech?

JP: I don't know. My friend Clay Johnson says in the next 50 to 100 years, you'll be considered illiterate if you can't program. My daughter is 9, and I have a 14-year-old niece, and I worry because they don't seem as attracted to technology as the boys. It could be something really basic: When there are more males in the industry to begin with, it just has a more male feel, and that pushes the girls away. There's a history there that's really hard to overcome.


When a "code warrior" doesn't know what to do, we have a serious problem.

By the by, here's a video of Pahlka giving a TED talk in March, explaining how she made working for the government feel innovative.


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