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We would have posted this news from the WSJ's "Informed Reader" blog that women and men are EQUALLY BAD at multitasking, an assertion that flies in the face of the last word we heard from the Journal on the subject, a story claiming women were better at multitasking using evidence shown in studies of female rats, which are apparently much better than male rats when charged with tasks like grinding coffee while instant-messaging while ironing pants. Whatever, we'd heard so much about womens' alleged talents at multitasking that we were beginning to assume we had a long-undiagnosed case of ADHD a la Felicity Huffman, who at least has kids from whom to steal Ritalin. (Us, we're open to anyone who wants to prescribe it to us.)


Women and Men Equally Bad At Multitasking [WSJ]

Women With Attention Deficit Disorder: Really Desperate Housewives [The Economist]

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