We've always thought of Cosmopolitan as our reliably-slutty older sister. Where else would you find tips like "if you need more lubrication before he enters, wet your guy's member with your saliva?" (p. 129! I know, right? Geniuses!) But when we saw this photo, billed on the cover as "The Naughtiest Photo We've Ever Run Of A Guy," we were a little... hey, come to think of it, Cosmo editors, is there a female version of "blue-balls"?

Thankfully, Cosmo only meant "naughtiest" in the "we are lying, why don't you try and sue us over it?" sense of the word. After the jump, a verrrryy steamy photo from the Cosmo vault.


It's Burt Reynolds, circa Cosmo's April 1972 issue. He's never really been our type either, but there's something kinda Regal Beagle-y you'd totally go home with after a few too many Alabama Slammers or whatever they drank on the Love Boat, plus he'd never notice if you hadn't shaved in a month and a half because you'd be so busy navigating his own fur.

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