Generally, fundamentalist Christian types who want the government to legislate morality have two things they are especially keen to moral-late against: abortion, and the person to whom you can get married. Unfortunately for them, as the WSJ reports, , and the anti-abortion advocates' increasingly insane ballot measures β€” like the Colorado personhood amendment that they are now seeking to expand to other states β€” are failing even in very conservative states. So what's a sad fundie to do when she or he can't legislate the contents of your uterus? Apparently, they'll just work to deny you (or your neighbors) the right to marry the consensual adult of your choice. Then they'll swing back around for your uterus.In the Journal article about how gay panic is overtaking anti-abortion fervor for the ice-cold hearts and reptillian minds of those who like to spend their days trying to deny rights to others, the paper talks to a bunch of people who are spending way more time trying to make sure the government never recognizes the validity of any adult relationship that doesn't involve exactly 1 penis and 1 vagina. Heck, some of them sound almost eager to support President-Elect Barack Obama's plans to reduce abortions by reducing the external economic factors and lack of education about and access to birth control that causes women to consider them.

President-elect Barack Obama and other Democrats have promised to work to make abortion rare, so long as it remains legal. "Maybe it's time to take them up on the offer" instead of "bashing our heads over and over again against the same wall," writes Paul Strand, a blogger for the Christian Broadcasting Network.


Wow, he sounds positively Kmeickian! And it gets even more compassionate (for a conservative, that is):

The Rev. Joel Hunter, an influential megachurch pastor in Florida, sees a new willingness among pro-life activists to cooperate with pro-choice forces in search of a middle ground. He traces that openness in part to the flourishing of crisis pregnancy centers. As volunteers meet women struggling with unplanned pregnancies, they begin to view abortion less as an absolute evil and more as a practical challenge: How do we get this single mother a job, or help that college student with child care so she doesn't feel as though abortion is her only option?


Not that all the fundies are on board the Change train and trying to work with the other side of the aisle to reduce the incidence of abortion or anything.

"It's like saying, 'Let's work to make sure they kill fewer Jews in the concentration camps this year,"' said the Rev. Mark Dever, a pastor in Washington D.C.


Well, hey, Devers, guess who else the Nazis killed in concentration camps? Homosexuals! Not that you want to kill them, you know, but Jedem Das Seine and all, just make sure your government doesn't offer them equal rights and stuff, right? In fact, Congressman Mike Pence β€” who's in the (now much shorter) line to take a senior House leadership position next year β€” doesn't think that the Republican Party should get back to its small government, respect for civil rights, low tax roots after two consecutive massacre-y election cycles. He says in order to get voters back to the polls, the Republican party should hit harder on rights denial issues around election time to scare voters into thinking that the Democrats are going to make gay marriages and abortions, like, mandatory or something. He thinks is a bullish idea, not because Republican-flavored voters in South Dakota and Colorado defeated two abortion initiatives, but because plenty of Democratic-leaning ones shat all over marriage equality. So, they're going to be kind of serious about jumping up and down screaming about the end of the world coming because Ellen married Portia and a touch quieter about wanting to regulate the contents of our uteruses more stringently β€” at least until they drive Teh Gheyz from our shores like St. Patrick supposedly did the snakes in Ireland. They'll be back for our eggs after that, though. Right now they're just hoping that, like other people from another time when "they" started coming for groups of people, you might not speak up because you aren't one of those people. Yet. Abortion Foes' Dilemma: Confront or Cooperate? [Wall Street Journal] New Anti-Choice Organization: Personhood USA [Feministing] Pence: Conservatives Should Focus On Social Issues Like β€˜The Sanctity Of Marriage’ While Rebuilding GOP [Think Progress] Related: Picture adapted from Clean Your Womb [I Heart Guts] Doug Kmiec Reaffirms Endorsing Sen. Barack Obama [Catholic Online] Jedem Das Seine [A Teacher's Guide To the Holocaust] First They Came... [Wikipedia]