If The Millionaire Matchmaker Also Had Real Estate Listings, This Is What You'd Get

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Bravo has given the greenlight to a new show, Love Broker, in which two best friends — one a real estate agent, and one a matchmaker — set up male clients in New York City. It's not exactly "sign here and get an apartment and a girlfriend," but every now and then, it does happen: "Sometimes, after selling an apartment, we sign [the buyer] up to find their [life] partners," Love Broker's Jennifer Zucher says. The truth is, I suspect a lot of people wouldn't mind outsourcing this kind of stuff: Way way back in the day, we had limited choices in terms of living spaces — this cave or that one — and either you just hooked up with whomever wasn't your brother, or the elders told you where to live and who to hang with. Now we're so busy and the world is so big it's hard to figure all this shit out. Plus, real estate can be a major factor in love lives: Some people won't date other people based on their neighborhood/borough/commute time. And if Pretty In Pink taught us anything, it's that your feelings about someone can change when you see what kind of house they live in.


The folks at Core real estate have it all figured out — on Valentine's Day, they're throwing a singles event in a property that's up for sale. Vicky Barron, managing director of Core, points out a bonus to meeting real estate clients:

"I got them through the New York real estate process, so they all have a good credit score, they're employed and they're not wanted by the law," she joked.

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If you're looking for the center of douchebag gravity in New York, I strongly suspect you'll find it at that party.