If Scott Baio And Liza Minnelli Had Great Sex, Is There Any Sense To Be Made Of The World?

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Our friend John told us the other day that all men know, within five seconds whether they'd do a girl, whether they'd date her and whether they would want to meet her mom. And a new scientific study on German speed-daters from the University of Shit We Didn't Need The Scientific Method To Help Us With says he is basically right! Additionally, women tend to be "pickier," and less likely to pick mates based on superficial attractiveness, because at the end of the day, we womyn are looking for someone who won't leave us. Fascinating! And on any normal day, we'd be content to leave it at that. But we just read a partial transcript of reality TV phenomenon Scott Baio's recent interview with Howard Stern, which reminded us that such generalizations do not convey the full, rich story in all of its eye-opening nuance:

Scott admitted that he'd banged "less attractive" chicks because it was his way of "giving back."


We have so done this also! Though we are still awaiting for our karmic dividends! And as with Scott, we have found that sometimes the "less attractive" ones are the best lays! Baio gave high marks, for instance, to Liza Minnelli and Melissa Gilbert, "mehs" to Denise Richards and assorted other Hollywood generics, and generally echoed, from a male perspective, all the little counterintuitive exceptions to The Rules thirty years of casual boning has yielded him. And, um, it's kind of scary actually. Once you realize Liza Minelli is great at sex, how does a man narrow down his options? Seriously?

Scott Baio Interview With Howard Stern [Ohnotheydidn't]


scroll_lock: brilliant. thank you for allowing me to laugh today.

here's a question: what does the fiancee and the soon-to-be-mother of his child think of all of this? sure the information is from an old interview and i'm sure she has to know what she's dealing with (it's friggin' scott baio), but it's one thing to talk about it amongst drinks with friends and another thing to talk about it in an interview with howard stern. oh, and baio's fiancee also has a teenage daughter!

regardless? baio probably has some nasty ol' crickety crotch.