If only she had decent bone structure, we feel this could work.


What to say about the train-wreck that is Miss Britney Spears?

Well, we're kind of spotting a trend here, when it comes to NY Post hack Marianne Garvey. First she called a disgraced cop a whore for wearing make-up, and now she has a pop at poor old obviously troubled Britney:

" A Las Vegas gossip Web site offers another possible reason for Britney "Shears" becoming a bald bimbo.

Three weeks ago, it says, she went to a salon in the Palms hotel and casino in Las Vegas. There, staffers found her hair was so badly damaged from repeated dyeings, bleachings and extensions that it had broken off and thinned to the point "where bald spots had begun to appear," the site reported.

So she clipped it off to start over."

Bald Bimbo. Nice alliteration, Marianne. And we suppose it makes a change from 'pop tart'. Which always has us in stiches. No, really.


[Misogyny weekly

[Burn the witch]

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