If Only Michelle Obama Had Majored In Women's Studies...

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Michelle Obama's senior thesis from Princeton has been the subject of more speculation than...uh... those secret Enron Cheney energy task force papers and Tyra and Scarlett Johansson's noses and Hillary Clinton's sealed White House papers combined. Because it's about race and could provide valuable insight into Michelle's 20-year-old mind, by which I mean valuable evidence that she has some sort of chip on her 20-year-old shoulder that causes her to hate America to this very adult day. So anyway, everyone's been dyyyying to read this thesis since some journalist discovered it had been mysteriously put on hold from the Princeton Library until November 5, 2008. Then today the crafty team at Politico obtained it by asking the Obama campaign! Apparently it discussed "problems which face these black officials who must persuade the white community that they are above issues of race and that they are representing all people and not just black people." Funny thing about that!

The whole thing is here, not that I could download it. Perhaps some of you nerds might have better luck? [Wonkette]

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Gawd, she really hates America, doesn't she?