Government Shutdown Affects Yale Title IX Investigation

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Another shitty repercussion of the government shutdown: the Office of Civil Rights has to temporarily halt all Title IX investigations.


A source sent us an email in which an OCR representative apologized for canceling a planned site visit to Yale and warned that the office wouldn't be able to respond to messages until the government was up and running again.

Apparently, campus safety is "nonessential," which is a shame, as Yale's not exactly on top of its anti-rape game.

Another source told us about a similar situation at Swarthmore, which is also currently under federal investigation. Hear anything about your school's Title IX investigation/sexual assault prevention programs grinding to a halt? Let us know.

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If OCR is shutting down their investigations, they're shutting down their investigations. All of them. It's unnecessarily alarmist (and not logically related) to say that "campus safety is 'nonessential'." OCR would keep running if it could but keep in mind that Dept. of Ed. investigations are not the same thing as law enforcement.