If Michelle Obama Had Natural Hair…

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…This is what it might look like. A Photoshopped fantasy via Curly Nikki, where the general feeling is: "It's gorgeous but America ain't ready." Sigh.


[Curly Nikki]


lavender is to purple

Does anybody else with nappy hair not like it to be called curly? I have nappy hair, super duper nappy and thick hair. Growing up I was always told that my nappy hair was beuitful, my dad would lovingly refer to me as his little Simba (from the lion king) whenever he or mom did my hair, even had a book called happy being nappy but I still find that the vast majority of women that I have found with natural nappy hair HATE to be called nappy and will only refer to their hair as curly which to me is not an acurate description of true nappy hair. For example, not in a million years or without the the help of chemicals and mass amount of heat would my hair resemble anything like Michelle's in the picture. sorry for the rant but it really bothers me that the natural hair movement kind of turned away from the word nappy instead of embracing it as part of our identity. All natural hair isn't curly like this picture, most of us who are fully black tend to have hair that is more nappy than curly.