'If Men Were The Ones Who Got Periods, Tampons Would Be Thrown Free From Floats Like Mardi Gras Beads'

Last night's episode of the sometimes-funny always-racially-insensitive CBS show 2 Broke Girls involved a sub-plot about the price of tampons in the diner. While the shtick itself was kind of painful — "the man who thinks your menses should be more expenzees" — I can't think of another time I've heard the word "tampon" so often on primetime TV.

Even though most of jokes sound like they're straight from a stand-up routine ("If men were the ones who got their periods, tampons would be thrown free from floats like Mardi Gras beads") dammit, periods should be talked about like a normal part of life. As we learned in November, so many of us associate Aunt Flo with shame and secrecy. Which is bullshit. I would love a diner with free tampons in the straw dispenser.


(By the by, the main plotline mocked Extreme Couponing; there's a clip of that here.)



I hate the amount of crap I get from dudes if I refer to my menstrual cycle in any way. The guys I know are like, "But we have it worse because we have to HEAR about it!"

Me: *totally unsympathetic* OH POOR YOU.