If Jezebel Was A 'Simpsons' Character She Might Look Like This

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  • There's a Simpsons character-generator available on the website to promote the Simpsons movie (out in just 4 weeks!). This is what we think Jezebel would look like. [SimpsonsMovie]
  • Danny DeVito is to receive the 42nd Karloby Vary International Film Festivals's special award for outstanding creative achievement. We hope he stays away from the Limoncello the night before accepting, or he's going to take "creative achievement" to a whole other level. [USA Today]
  • Barbra Streisand was honored by the French government today, a development we assume will make Republicans hate her even more than they do. [BBC]
  • Despite a thwarted terrorist bombing in London today, the U.S. terrorist threat color code has not changed. Which we think means we're still at the, "Fear for your lives!" level that the Bush administration like to maintain as standard operating procedure. [CNN]
  • Aw, little Harry Potter! Scared to kiss girls! Our inappropriate crush on him grows. [CNN]
  • Lady Bird Johnson, our best named First Lady ever, has returned home from hospital the hospital. [CNN]
  • A Hamas-run Palestinian children's program ran a segment today in which a Mickey Mouse character preaching islam was beaten to death by Israelis, referred to on the program as "the killers of children." We do not think this is a great move towards peaceful negotiations on either side. [Yahoo]
  • Ice-T and his wife are getting a reality show and we're super stoked. Seriously. [ABC News]
  • Five U.S. soldiers killed on Thursday. [CNN]


JessicaLovejoy: Laughing, riding, cornholing!

My grandma loved Ice-T. She only watched L&O if he was on. If she were still around, she would sooooo not approve.