Iggy Azalea feels no shame in her breast implant game.

Asked why she decided to discuss her boob job in an interview published by Vogue last week, Iggy, who was walking the red carpet for the iHeartRadio awards (a pretend event created to promote celebrity musicians’ self esteem), told E! News, “I love them so much I had to talk about them!”

She continued:

“Everybody did say, ‘I don’t think you need to say it because no one will ever know because they’re so small.’ I said, ‘I know but I’m just going to say it [because] I’m a blabber mouth!’...I’d feel better not to have some secret. It’s much freer to say it and then you don’t have to worry someone will dig it up.”

Hey, Iggy: If you’re happy, we’re happy.


Having finally divorced motel jacuzzi Robin Thicke, Paula Patton is finally living her best adult life. “I went from my parents’ house to moving in with Robin, and now I’m becoming an adult,” she said during an interview on The Meredith Viera Show. “I’m really, like, a real woman now!”


She added, “I’ve grown a lot. It’s been a long year and a lot of challenges,” the actress admitted. “I live in a place of gratitude [and am] thankful for everything I have.” [US Weekly]


This item about the continuing One Direction drama comes to you by reader request: Producer Naughty Boy has been flaunting his work with newly minted solo artist Zayn Malik right in his former bandmates’ faces by posting “Zaughty” videos promoting future collaborations and even releasing the first (terrible) Zayn solo song. This has particularly hurt the feelings of 1D fifth-string member Louis Tomlinson who fought with Naughty Boy about it on Twitter.

Time to take a deep breath and count to ten, kids. [People/The Telegraph]

  • Filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 5: We’ll Keep Making ‘Em if You Dummies Keep Buying Tickets has been put on hold while Johnny Depp recovers from his hand injury. [Variety]
  • On the mend: Harrison Ford is finally out of the hospital after his March 5 plane crash. [US Weekly]
  • Of all the dudes to fight over, Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna have chosen Tyga. SMDH. [Radar]
  • Game of ThronesMaisie Williams will be on Doctor Who. [NYDN]
  • Amy Poehler, Amy Schumer and Louis CK all may have turned down The Daily Show hosting gig. [Twitter]
  • Aw! The cast of Parks and Rec still group texts daily. [POPSUGAR]
  • Robin Williams’ children and widow will settle their estate disputes out of court. [People]
  • OK! Magazine is sorry they said that Katy Perry was engaged and pregnant. Katy Perry is not engaged and pregnant. [OK!]
  • In more important news, NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak are reunited and going on a road trip for Bravo. [OK!]
  • Vanessa Hudgens says ex boyfriend Zac Efron’s heartthrob status made her exhausted and mean. [ONTD]
  • Let’s close out Dirt Bag with some Tom Hardy. [E! Online]

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